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Information Architecture •

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Website Redesign •

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The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) is the premier professional organization for senior-level digital health leaders worldwide. They empower their members and industry partners to collaborate, grow professionally, and advocate for effective information management. Together, we are advancing the future of health and care for all.

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Digi-Clicks Chime Central About




Define and organize how the content will be structured and presented to CHIME users.


Website & Portal

Redesign of the entire website and a client portal, including wireframes and prototypes.

What we did

By talking to the CMO and some of the marketing members, we were able to get a better picture of the project’s scope, and after 3 meetings with the client, we identified their website focus, workflow, content, and features. From there, we came up with the information architecture.
After the IA was approved, we started designing the wireframes of the site to maintain design consistency, visualize the proposed information architecture, and set expectations between the client and the design team. We incorporated the UX best practices.

Finally, we designed the prototypes for the website and the client portal that resembled the final look and feel. We included all the details related to the brand guidelines and built the right solution for their desired users.

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